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Paint color matching is the process of replicating colors without having to know exactly what kind of paint was used before. With the technology available in the painting world today paint color matching is much easier. It’s no longer necessary to go through piles and piles of samples trying to find the paint that you’re looking for. Today most paint matching is done quickly using a paint store’s spectrophotometer.

Paint Color Matching In Store

Paint color matching can be done in a store or on site. When doing paint matching at the paint store the painting contractor, like David Freeman Painting, brings an object to be matched that has the color on it. The paint stores spectrophotometer shines a light on that object and then reads the color and duplicates it exactly by taking a sophisticated reading off of each wavelength of light that is reflected off the object. It then uses that digital reading to calculate the exact amount of the various pigments needed to make a color. 90% of the time it gets an accurate match. If the match looks a little different than the sample, pigments can be manually adjusted to make it darker or lighter, redder or bluer.

Detailed Paint Color Matching

Marin County’s Paint Color Matching Experts

Sometimes a bedspread or a piece of pottery or a floor or cabinet color or an existing wall color cannot be taken to a store to match. In this case we use the colorants that we have available on us at most times to match this color on site then take our match to a store where it is color matched using the store spectrophotometer which distributes colorants in measured quantities. This transforms color taken from on-site matching into a formula. Now this unique personal color can be bought at any time and will always be the same. A color that is matched in this way can be 100% perfect but usually is 97/98% perfect. For example, if an existing wall color is being matched then the match color cannot be used for touch ups. But if one wall is re-painted with a match, the naked eye will not be able to tell the difference between the old and the new at the point where they meet, in the corners of the room.

Marin County’s Paint Color Matching Experts

If you would like to reproduce a color of paint that you already have in your home then it’s important that you choose a professional painting contractor to be sure that the job is done right. At David Freeman painting, we are the the color matching experts for Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area. We have the experience and know how to ensure that the color that you are trying to match is perfect or near perfect. We’ll get your new project using color matched paint started on time and we’ll finish on budget.

If you need a professional painter who’s punctual and affordable please give me a call today at 415-819-5787 or fill out my painting estimate form for a free no obligation quote.

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