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Compound” (VOC) paints

All paint suppliers offer paints of good quality and paints of low quality and it can be difficult to judge quality from price. From my experience, Sherwin Williams, the largest paint supplier in the US, offers the best combination of quality and price. That is not to say that you cannot get quality paints from other companies but SW has the largest selection of Low and No “Volatile Organic Compound” (VOC) paints; from the highest quality, to cost effective paints for people on a budget. They also offer high quality paints at very competitive prices that usually suit most home owners. SW also has an impressive array of quality No VOC paints for both Interior and exterior projects. In addition SW has No VOC colorants for their No and Low VOC paints so colors whether dark or light, have no extra VOC content added by the colorants.

Low and No VOC Paints and Scrubability

Low and No VOC paints have quickly become the standard in the painting world and have thus greatly reduced the production of high scrub interior flat paints by the paint companies. In this new environment all companies have begun adding a little sheen to wall paints to give decent scrubability and calling these paints Matte or Low Sheen. Sheen varies though, from being barely noticeable to easily visible in natural light. A customer needs to see samples on the wall in both natural and artificial light to make sure that the sheen is to their liking.

Flat Paints

Flat paints that are Low or No VOC can still be purchased for interior and exterior use. Care needs to be taken when cleaning flat paints on an interior project. It’s important to use gentle earth safe cleaners and to not use too much pressure when cleaning. One advantage of using flat paints is that they touch up more easily than Matte paints or paints with sheen.

Low and No VOC Paints Mildew and Drying Time

Low and No Voc paints have two other problems aside from their lack of scrubability. One is mildew control and the other is drying time. SW Duration is the paint I recommend if a customer has a severe mildew problem because Duration has the best mildew control. It’s important that mildew is cleaned and killed before applying new paint. If you’re thinking of doing an exterior paint project where fog at night or rain might be possible within 24 hours of application then it would be best to use SW Resilience. This is because Resilience dries very quickly (1/2 the time of traditional paints). Both Duration and Resilience will continue to dry down to temperatures as low as 35 degrees.

Low and No Voc Paints and Blocking/Sticking

Low and No VOC Paints Mildew and Drying Time

The slow drying of Low and No VOC paints can be a problem for interior projects on trim as passage doors have to close against jambs, front doors close against weather stripping and cabinet doors have to close against their cabinet boxes. A good way to avoid this problem is to use paints with a high degree of “blocking” which will reduce the tendency of new paint to stick or block. Some of the most expensive paints do not always have the best blocking characteristics. A product like SW Solo gloss is Low VOC and has been produced to give the least sticking/blocking problems.

There is a Sherwin Williams Low or No VOC paint that is best suited for any type of painting project that you can imagine. It can be difficult for the amateur to pick the right Low or No VOC paint for the job. Choosing the wrong paint will be costly and time consuming. Through my years of experience I can quickly assess a project and know which Low or No VOC paint would be best.

Make the environmentally conscious choice and use Low or No VOC paint or your next painting project. If you would like to have your painting project using Low or No VOC paint done by professionals that best know how to get the job done right then give me a call today or fill out the simple painting estimate form here for a free no obligation quote.

Putting Your Family First: My Personal Experience

In 1990 when my son was 2 1/2 , his throat became so swollen that he had to be taken to the ER. Over the next year he was nearly in the ER or in the ER virtually every month and sometimes a number of times a month with the same swollen throat and extreme difficulty taking in any air. This seemed to happen only happen at night. The doctor’s answer to this problem was to just give him steroids.

My wife and I quickly became aware the phrase “creating an oasis in your home”. We started with cleaning walls and ceilings with vinegar to kill any invisible mould and mildew spores. We bought HEPA air cleaners, mattress and comforter pillow encasements, and earth safe cleaners. This was all before you could ask questions on Google and before allergy stores were easy to find. I researched what was then called non toxic paint. The major paint companies had no such paint and Low and No VOC (volatile organic compounds) were not terms in use.

I did find a non toxic paint company out of San Diego called AFM who produced a clear coating that would stop formaldehyde out gassing out of plywood and sheetrock and the out gassing of toxic chemicals out of newly applied paint as well. In 1990 they claimed that mould and mildew would stop being transferred from the cavity walls into the interior environment. These were just some of the actions that transformed my wife and my thinking of the interior living environment.

This is why the present day rules governing that most paint sold today must be at least Low VOC are very welcome as this affects not just the painter`s health but the health of your home. Sherwin Williams is producing a large and strong array of No VOC paint to complement their Low VOC paints. By midyear 2012 , Sherwin William`s best interior and exterior paint will be called Emerald which will be No VOC. In addition the interior Emerald paint will be free of listed carcinogens and other reproductive toxins (APE).The exterior Emerald will be APEO free. APEO is a chemical that is believed to feminize male fish.

Paint companies and their products should be researched before use. This trend towards lower toxicity in the pollution laws is a relief to us all. I use Low and No VOC paints exclusively because of my personal experience with them. I care very much about the health of my clients and their families.

If you need a professional painter who’s punctual and affordable please give me a call today at 415-819-5787 or fill out my painting estimate form for a free no obligation quote.

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